Keep Cooks Safe with Kitchen Apparel from CA Paradis/The Chef’s Paradise


Stylish kitchen apparel adds another depth to the overall experience of a kitchen and chef. Not only does it add style, but it also aids in protecting chefs from the dangers of cooking. Here's how the kitchen apparel at CA Paradis/The Chef’s Paradise works to keep cooks safe.

  • Chefs Jackets, Pants, and Aprons: Protects clothing from spills and stains while adding a level of protection against burns from splash back and oil snaps.
  • Chefs Hats: Necessary for food safety, hats keep hair out of the food items, and wicks sweat away from the eyes.
  • Food Service Shoes: Designed to reduce slips and falls by providing extra traction on oily or wet kitchen floors.
  • Oven Mitts & Potholders: Prevents burns by protecting hands from hot cooking surfaces and dishes.


Kitchen Apparel and More

While safety is a big consideration when shopping for kitchen apparel, style also plays a big part. Here at CA Paradis/The Chef’s Paradise, we proudly stock chefs clothing that not only works to keep cooks safe, but also helps them look good in the process with modern features, such as ear bud openings and study utility pockets.

For more information about best in kitchen apparel and other kitchen products, please contact CA Paradis/The Chef’s Paradise today!

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