Baking Supplies Available C.A. Paradis/Chef's Paradise

For some, baking is a hobby. For others, it's a way of life.  

Baking represents a true mark of cooking skill, fusing ingredients through heat without knowing until afterwards whether the dish was a success. While no baking tools can guarantee success, the best baking supplies can help make a great baker even better.

C.A. Paradis/Chef's Paradise proudly carries a full range of commercial-quality baking supplies which are equally well-suited in a fine restaurant, or in a fine home kitchen. We provide only the best in bakeware, chosen from a wide range of brands from around the world.

Everything Needed for Superior Restaurants and Home Kitchens

For both commercial kitchens and home kitchens seeking true quality in their baking supplies, we carry:

Cake Pans                                                        Loaf Pans

Muffin Pans                                                      Pie & Quiche Pans

Tabletop Bakeware                                          Mixing Bowls

Baking Tools                                                    Pizza Accessories

Cookie Pans & Accessories                            Decorating Tools

And more!

C.A. Paradis/Chef's Paradise for Quality

Since 1921, C.A. Paradis/Chef's Paradise has been one of Ottawa's top choices for the best in baking tools, as well as a wide range of excellent cookware from around the globe. For more information on our extensive lineup of commercial-grade baking accessories, please contact us directly.

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