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The House of Sport Officially Opens

Ottawa – January 18, 2018 – The Ottawa and national sport community came together to celebrate the official opening of the House of Sport at the RA Centre. At present, over 20 National Sport Organizations (NSO), Multi-Sport Organizations (MSO), not-for-profits and sport-related businesses are members of this collaborative and innovative sport hub. Mayor Jim Watson, […] ... Read More

Top Kitchen Supplies for Holiday Gift-Giving

Whether you are buying for a chef in a professional kitchen or a home cook who loves experimenting with new dishes, CA Paradis/Chef’s Paradise has some great holiday gift ideas. Every cook relies on kitchen supplies to turn out perfect dishes and we have assembled an assortment of items that are sure to please. Instant […] ... Read More

How to Care of Your New Le Creuset Kettle in Ottawa

There is nothing quite like sitting down on a cold winter’s evening with a nice cup of hot tea, either by yourself or as part of a group. To ensure the best cup of tea every time, you want to take care of your new Le Creuset Kettle in Ottawa properly. Here’s how. Before the […] ... Read More

Tips for Cooking the Perfect Turkey with the Thermapen Ottawa Chefs Trust the Most

It’s that time of year again, where home cooks and professional chefs head to the kitchen to create mouth-watering holiday feasts. Center stage in most of these family gatherings is the turkey, which has a very finicky nature when it comes to cooking perfectly. Often, they end up dry, over done, or not done enough. Here […] ... Read More

Designing a Chef’s Kitchen

There are some major differences between creating a kitchen that is beautiful to look at and designing a kitchen that is chef-worthy. Although you may not guess it from watching cooking shows, beauty is never the primary focus for a chef’s kitchen, function is. Here are some great design tips to help you plan the […] ... Read More

Sharpened Chef Knives Cause Fewer Injuries than Dull Blades

Chefs and home cooks alike spend a good amount of their time in the kitchen on the handle side of various knives. From prep work to heavy proteins to the finest of bay scallops, you need chef knives of various sizes to ensure perfect cuts. What you may not realize, is that high quality, sharpened […] ... Read More

Restaurant Supply in Ottawa – How a Home Chef Can Benefit from Commercial-Quality Appliances

The commercial appliances at C.A. Paradis/Chef’s Paradise can transform a home kitchen into an efficient and elegant cooking hub. One that could cater everything from a busy dinner party to an intimate candle lit dinner. Here’s how the at-home chef can benefit from commercial-quality appliances. Increased Cooking Capacity Most home chefs will agree that having additional space […] ... Read More

Top Ottawa Restaurant Supply Shop, C.A. Paradis/Chef’s Paradise, Proudly Announces New Immigrant Donation Initiative

Ottawa, ON – July 15, 2016 – With unprecedented levels of violence across the Middle East sending refugees fleeing across the world, Canada has generously opened her borders in hopes of bringing a better life to those in need.  C.A. Paradis/Chef’s Paradise, one of the most respected restaurant supply outlets in Ottawa, is proud to do […] ... Read More

Buying Home Equipment from Ottawa’s Top Restaurant Supply Outlet Just Makes Sense

Why buy your home cooking equipment from a restaurant supply shop? After all, there are plenty of housewares and home appliance outlets across Ottawa, offering cut-rate deals on all manner of cooking supplies. Why go to the extra mile of buying restaurant-quality products?   Well, that’s what we at C.A. Paradis/Chef’s Paradise are here to […] ... Read More

Restaurant Supply in Ottawa – Enjoy a Knife for Every Need with the Shun Premier 9 Piece Gourmet Block Set

A knife is one of the most important tools in a chef’s arsenal. Low-quality and inadequate knives can ruin a dish. Keeping this in mind, it is vital that chefs invest in not only high-quality knives, but also the right selection of knives. The Shun Premier 9 Piece Gourmet Block Set, provides a variety of […] ... Read More

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