Sharpened Chef Knives Cause Fewer Injuries than Dull Blades

Chefs and home cooks alike spend a good amount of their time in the kitchen on the handle side of various knives. From prep work to heavy proteins to the finest of bay scallops, you need chef knives of various sizes to ensure perfect cuts. What you may not realize, is that high quality, sharpened chef knives cause fewer injuries in Ottawa kitchens than dull blades do.


It’s all About Control When it Comes to Quality Chef Knives

Having control over the food on your cutting board is critical when you are handling knives. One of the biggest problems chefs and home cooks face when trying to prep food with chef knives that are not properly sharpened is knife slippage. This is particularly true of round items with skins, such as apples or tomatoes. If your blade is not sharpened properly, it tends to slip against the skin and can injure the hand holding the food item. The last thing you want when trying to prep for a busy dinner service or a family meal is to spend several hours in an emergency room!

Sharp Chef Knives Help you Work Smarter and not Harder

This is what makes dull knives in a kitchen highly dangerous- the pressure applied to perform your cuts. When working with a dull knife, you tend to bear down on the knife with significant weight to cut through your food items that you are prepping. If a finger or other part of your hand gets in the way, this extra pressure can lead to highly damaging, deep cuts. If you work with sharp chef knives, there is still risk of injury but it is significantly less because you are not adding increased pressure to the mix. When your knives are sharpened properly, the blade does all the work rather than your body.

High Quality Chef Knives Last the Duration

Knives are certainly among your most important tools for professional and home kitchens alike. By investing in quality chef knives, you are getting materials of superior quality that can handle being honed to perfection. Trying to save money by buying an inferior product will end up in frustration when they have to be replaced often because they do not hold up well to sharpening and are too dull to be efficient and safe.

For high quality chef knives to suit any cooking style, visit CA Paradis/Chef’s Paradise on the web or at our Ottawa bricks and mortar location. If you have questions regarding chef knives, our experts will be happy to help.

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