Designing a Chef’s Kitchen

There are some major differences between creating a kitchen that is beautiful to look at and designing a kitchen that is chef-worthy. Although you may not guess it from watching cooking shows, beauty is never the primary focus for a chef’s kitchen, function is. Here are some great design tips to help you plan the best chef kitchen for your Ottawa home.


Function over form

If you ask any chef, they will tell you that efficiency and function are two of the most important design elements in their kitchens. You can buy the best restaurant equipment available in Ottawa but if it is not properly laid out, cooking becomes more of a chore than a pleasure. Most kitchens designed with efficiency in mind form a work triangle with the fridge, stove and sink. Most chefs could not survive meal prep without an island as the center point. When you consider how often you will go from the refrigerator to your cutting board, to your stove from your cutting board, it makes good sense to incorporate an island whenever possible.

Restaurant Quality Equipment

Not only do you get the look of a chef’s kitchen with restaurant quality equipment, you also get the performance. Commercial equipment is designed to handle the rigours of a fast-paced environment so you can be sure your investment will stand up to all of your needs. As one of your most important pieces of equipment, if there is only one appliance that you choose to buy that is restaurant quality, put your investment into a range. Professional ranges are larger, generally faster and come in more configurations than most home appliances.

Ample and Convenient Storage

Last, but not the least important on the list for a great chef’s kitchen is ample storage for all of your kitchen supplies and convenience for access. There are many elements to consider storage solutions for including your small kitchen appliances, cookware, cooking utensils, food items and more. Consider how you will use your space and plan ahead for convenient storage so things are easy to access while you are busy creating.

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