Knife Essentials

The right knife for the job

Some tasks in the kitchen can seem daunting for inexperienced cooks. At Chef's Paradise, we believe that one of the first investments you should make in your kitchen is a quality knife (or two, or three, or four...). More than any piece of equipment, the knife gets used the most in every kitchen. Each knife has a purpose and choosing the right knife for the task at hand makes it easier to achieve perfect results.



ZWILLING paring knife

Paring Knife

Perfect for peeling, cutting, cleaning and garnishing fruit and vegetables. It's sharp tip makes it especially good for paring.

ZWILLING utility knife

Utility Knife

Cleanly and effortlessly cuts food with a hard crust/shell and soft core.

ZWILLING boning knife

Boning Knife

This knife's flexible, high tip blade is perfect for loosening bones and removing fat and tendons


ZWILLING filleting knife

Filleting Knife

The thin, flexible blade ensures wafer-thin filleting of meat and fish.

ZWILLING bread knife

Bread Knife

The serrated edge cuts effortlessly through hard bread crusts and slices thinly and cleanly, thanks to its aggressively high prongs.

ZWILLING chefs knife

Chef's Knife

The all-purpose knife for professionals and amateur cooks alike, ideal for dicing vegetables, raw meat and fruit, as well as chopping and cutting herbs.


ZWILLING slicing knife

Slicing Knife

The long slicing knife is perfect for cutting smooth slices from large pieces of meat, like roasts, and portioning raw meat.


ZWILLING Santoku knife

Santoku Knife

The Santoku knife is the Asian equivalent of the chef's knife - perfect for cutting meat, fish and vegetables.

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