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The most time consuming and frustrating part of cooking has to be the food prep, particularly when several foods require peeling, paring, slicing, or dicing. Thousands of food prep gadgets and tools have entered the market to reduce the stress, time, and labor involved. At Chef’s Paradise, we pride ourselves in providing a huge selection of tools, gadgets, and other accessories aimed at simplifying the cooking process.

Our selection includes:

Standard and Specialized Utensils Pasta Tools
Measuring Equipment Spice Grinders
Storage Solutions Strainers & Colanders
Scissors and Shears Molecular Gastronomy Supplies
Thermometers & Timers Bowls
And more


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Designed to reduce the labor involved with creating mouth watering, visually appealing, and fun dishes, our food prep items add both style and convenience to any kitchen. Both professional chefs and at home cooks alike, will adore these gadgets and gizmos, making them ideal gift ideas as well. For more information about the food prep tools and other kitchen products and appliances at CA Paradis/The Chef’s Paradise, please contact our friendly staff today!

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