Make it Bubbly with Sodastream

Whether you are looking to create gourmet sparkling beverages to accompany exquisite dinners or simply increase your water intake, CA Paradis/The Chef’s Paradise has an excellent selection of SodaStream products in Ottawa. Producing your own carbonated water beverages is an economical and environmentally-friendly choice that allows you full control over the ingredients added when creating flavoured varieties.

Sparkling water is a great way to keep adequately hydrated and SodaStream makes it easy for you to produce natural or flavoured varieties to please even the most discerning of guests. The flavour varieties are countless and since you control what goes into the sparkling water, you can create great-tasting beverages that are healthier than carbonated pops and drinks that are commercially prepared.

As your SodaStream source in Ottawa, we offer a variety of models so you can choose the size, style and colour that best meet your needs. To complete your system for creating flavoured and natural sparkling waters, we also carry an assortment of accessories including cylinder exchanges so your SodaStream is ready when you need it.

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