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From Escuminac, Quebec

Extra Rare

Amber Rich Taste

Produced exclusively with sap harvested during the first days of the run (only the sap harvested during the first 3 days) Escuminac's Extra Rare Maple Syrup is an exceptional syrup with a lovely golden colour and a smooth, velvety texture. Light in the mouth, it features a subtle caramel and honeysuckle bouquet with a hint of cinnamon and a lingering flavour. An excellent syrup for elaborating cocktails or adding aromatics to the finishing of any dish. Use in a light cocktail or to pour directly over waffles.

Érablière Escuminac came into being in 1998 when Martin Malenfant decided to set up his sugarbush on a centuries-old maple-growing area in Escuminac in the Baie-de-Chaleurs on the Gaspé Peninsula. This land has a particular characteristic that lends itself to producing some of the best maple syrups in Canada. This bay is protected from the winds and enjoys a favourable climate for maple growing with long, very cold winters, combined with late springs that guarantee a production of the highest quality. Located less than 5km from the sea, the soil is swept by the salty air of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, which brings a subtle saltiness to the syrups produced by Érablière Escuminac. The vision for this exceptional range has always been to produce a high-quality syrup while respecting the environment, working in harmony with nature. Great lengths and careful decision making are taken at every step of production to ensure this committment is protected and can be experience in every bottle.


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