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Medipop Protective Equipment was put together by a group of design veterans to help provide a POP of personality in this ever changing world we are all trying to navigate and adapt to. 

Facial masks seem to be a new accessory we are going to have to add to our wardrobe throughout the summer and likely through the end of the year. Reusable / washable fabric options will be optimal for most ... however disposable options will also be necessary to navigate  our day to day lives. Whether we need one in a pinch or need to give one to a friend or family member. Medipop 5 Packs are ideal to stash away in the home, office, car, etc... Making sure you are covered will be the key when things start getting back to normal. 


They will also be key for retail establishments to have on hand to potentially hand out to keep their retail environments safe and germ free. 




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