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Thermapen Ottawa

Turning out the perfect meal with consistent results is critical to success whether for your restaurant, at home, or your food-based business. To ensure the best quality results, you need precision thermometers and timers you can rely on to meet your exacting standards each and every time. The Chef’s Paradise understands how crucial these items are to a successful professional kitchen in Ottawa and offers trusted products such as Thermapen to help you get the results you need.

Thermapen® is Indispensable to an Ottawa Kitchen

We carry a wide assortment of specialty thermometers designed to expertly monitor critical temperatures throughout your professional or home kitchen:

  • Freezer and refrigeration thermometers
  • Milk frothing probes with clips
  • Digital wine thermometers
  • Oven thermometers

One of the most sought after thermometers by professional chefs throughout Ottawa is the Thermapen®. With advanced technology making them the fastest and most accurate in the world and a self-righting display that is easily read from any position, it is easy to see why Thermapen is the top choice for Ottawa chefs.

Choose from our wide variety of thermometers, Thermapen products and timers for all of your commercial kitchen needs in Ottawa.

Due to Thermoworks Dealer conditions, we are not authorised to sell any Thermoworks products through our webstore. Please call or email if you would like to place an order, check availability or pricing. Thanks for your understanding.


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