Set the Mood With Ideal Tabletop Dressing


Tabletop dressing (the dishes, linens, and decor) plays a big role in the overall feel and presentation of a meal. With a little bit of thought and creativity, the table setting can add another level to the meal and bring out the subtle flavors through visual suggestions. The following tips from Chef’s Paradise can help elevate the atmosphere.

  • Dinnerware: Your plates and bowls do not have to match to create a stunning table dressing.
  • Serving ware: Leave the pots and pans in the kitchen and use eye-catching serving ware instead.
  • Linens: Protect your tables and your guests' cloths with quality table cloths, napkins, and placemats.
  • Utensils & Flatware: Setting out the flatware before the meal can tease your guests and leave them eager to taste the dishes meant for each of the utensils.
  • Decor & Candles: Use mindfully placed decorations on the table to enhance the mood and tie in all the other elements.
  • Tie it All Together: Add elements to the table that ties in the meal to the dishes, such as adding fresh lemons or rosemary sprigs to the decor.

To begin creating beautiful table dressings, contact CA Paradis/The Chef’s Paradise today!


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